virus: Women don't have a civilizing effect on society

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Wed, 11 Dec 1996 23:51:59 -0700

The He-man does not have better genes, as many people believe and as
Richard Brodie mentions in his book, "Virus of the Mind". He is just

Women have never been a civilizing effect in society. Look at the
history of religion: In the beginning all religions were female
(matriarchal) based. They had goddesses instead of gods. When man
went out to hunt of scavange, it was for the women and the children.
It was only when men broke away from the bondage of women, did they
become the domineering and war-like people they are today.

Even still in today's male-dominant society, it wasn't a matter of
men forcing themselves on the women, but the women making themselves
available (or unavailable). If you watched PBS lately you would have
seen this also: How the dominant male of the tribe gets the girl
until the girls get tired of him. Then they shun him and he becomes a
"poor little rich boy" (as PBS put it) -- an outcast. But even while
the dominant male jealously defends his little harem, the females
sneak off to make themselves available to the males of their
choosing. The dominant male (he-man) gets used. He thinks it's his
children he is fathering but it isn't.

So what other purpose does sex have in evolution if what Brodie says
is not correct?