Re: virus: Re: conscious and subconcious

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Thu, 12 Dec 1996 00:35:53 -0700

> Eva:
> > Not necessarily--it is possible to see evidence of what's going
> > on in the subconscious without being directly aware of those
> > thoughts.

> I always regarded Unconcious to mean, you know, like knocked out.

> Anestetized. (which, by the way means without life. The greek word for
> life being esthetic)

> Subconscious means what is "under" conciously driven behaviour.

> We use Unconscious omn this list to describe the behaviour of those that
> are unaware of the behaviour's purpose. So we've reached a point of
> symantic slippage......

Subconscious means that it just beneath the surface of our consciousness.
Unconcscious means it can never be brought to consciousness.