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On Thu, 28 Nov 1996, Alex Williams wrote:

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> > That's how I would look at it. I'm trying to say that somehow we (or
> > somebody) have to persuade the people that if they try for change, then
> > it'll happen, and if they don't then it won't.
> Drakir, not to be unduly cynical (rather, duly cynical), but life
> simply isn't that simple. You can spend your entire life working for
> change only to see your hopes fail, people have been doing so ever
> since memes evidenced themselves.
> Its self-evident to say that if they don't try they'll never see their
> hopes realized but its misleading to say that trying guarantees
> success. Life can be, and often is depressingly realistic. Most
> people recognize this, if only periphrially, and that's part of why
> you see the masses doing just enough to `get by' and not striving for
> more.
> The rest of us? Well, there are certain forms of intellectual
> masochism ... :)

Oh, change *will* happen, it just might not be what one was trying for....

I found that seeking change is much easier once I acquired the meme,
"Normal is almost never optimal." A very low-incidence meme....

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