RE: virus: Evaluating Math
Thu, 12 Dec 1996 09:30:44 -0600 (CST)

On Fri, 29 Nov 1996, Schneider John wrote:


> I think physics is busy doing a much more 'scientific' job of
> implementing "Cohesive Math". Certain 'qualities' of things
> we see around us are:
> 1) things 'are'
> 2) time 'is'
> 3) things are 'here' or 'there' (they have 'location')
> 4) locations change with time: 'motion'
> 5) all things are attracted to one another
> 6) some things repel/attract each other in interesting fashion
> 7) the things in (5) exhibit other interesting behavior when
> they're set in motion.
> 8) etc ....
> Based on our observation (5), we assign to every object a 'mass',
> (or, an "index of mass-ness" telling us how it will behave, based
> on what that index is); observation (6, related to 7) can be
> explained by assigning an 'electromagnetic charge'.... 'Mass'
> has no use whatsoever, other than that we may write down formulae
> which use our knowledge of an object's "index of mass-ness", which
> will tell us how the object will behave, when surrounded by other
> objects with known "indices of mass-ness".
> Nowadays, objects have qualities like: mass, charge, strangeness,
> charmness, etc .... and these qualities, working along with simple
> (well, maybe not-so-simple) 'laws of nature' allow us to understand
> how objects with certain qualities will 'behave'. And scientists
> have discerned the importance of various qualities, the insignifi-
> cance of others, our ability to utilize reliably some qualities in
> making predictions, etc... they have utilized continuous indices
> and discrete indices wherever whichever is most appropriate...
> It seems to me that we are already 'magickians' of the very
> first rank.

Yes. The actual beginning of perception of this is enough to mentally
overload the Raving Religious Right. The realization that their bashing
of the Chaldeans and Simon Magus immediately points at *them* is
intolerable, as in instant anger.

/ Towards the conversion of data into information....
/ Kenneth Boyd