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> > Just FYI: marijuana is the safest known drug in the world

> All drugs that I know of have an effect by doing something that
> isn't necessarily very good for you.

Could you name a few related to pot then?

> > There has never been an overdose of pot nor does it have
> > any detrimental side-effects.

> Interesting! I've heard 2 conflicting arguments to this:

> The first says that Cannabis is an active anti-carcinogenic.

> The other, unfortunately, claims that smoking pot vastly increases the
> chances of ailments such as mouth and throat cancer in later life.

> I also vouch from personal experience that it fucks with the short term
> memory, big time!!!

> > It is safer even then aspirin.

> Well that stuff makes you bleed!

> > Detecting whether a person is on pot requires special
> > training whereas alcohol is obvious.

> Does this make it safer?

No, this isn't what makes it safer. Research is what gives evidence
that it is safer. Like I said, there has never ever been an overdose
death due to pot. There is no known limit to the amount of pot one
can smoke. Now that is definitely a very good definition of what
constitutes a safe drug: A five year could eat a pound of it with no harm.
There have been no studies done on the carcinogic effect of pot
smoke, but I can tell you that even if you have asthma you can smoke can't say that about cigarettes! A very good guide to drugs
and their side effects is the book "A Primer of Drug Action"
(ISBN 0-7167-1963-0)