virus: Re: Nomadic Society (was Sociological Change)

Lior Golgher (
Sat, 14 Dec 1996 17:07:20 -0800

Vicki wrote:
a society need not map onto a particular territory. I'm not
thinking of cyberspace or subcultures here. I'm thinking
of cultures that define themselves by the people, language,
and customs rather than by location. Nomadic peoples are
an obvious example: the Bedouin are sometimes referred
to as "stateless Arabs" because they don't limit themselves
to the territory of any one nation.
The first wars erupted as soon as there were territories and solid
settlements upon which to defend. Before that stage it was simply more
worthy to wander elsewhere rather than spend essential resources on
violent assaults.
The Bedouin nomadic life-style is vanishing today, as Bedouin choose to
fix their encampment and enjoy electricity and water infrastructre.
Before that nomadism was essential, otherwise the wells would have dry
up and pasture areas vanish due to overconsumption. So before we praise
nomadism and sell up our houses, we should first find up ways to ensure
that all the benefits of technology are kept in a nomadic lifestyle.