virus: Re: response to Zander

Ken Pantheists (
Sat, 14 Dec 1996 16:40:58 +0000

Zander wrote:

>Telling someone you've labeled Level-2 to `look at it
>from Level-3' would appear to be condescention of the highest order...

Richard wrote:
>Well, since you don't believe in Level 3, you're hardly an authority on
>how to get there. I try to force people into lateral thinking by >setting up cognitive dissonance with the imperfections inherent in a >Level-2
world view. I'm eager to learn better ways. Stephen?

What you need is a tennis ball... ;)

Seriously though. Say you're doing a poetry reading workshop. Someone is
reciting a poem. Then you ask them to recite the poem and bounce a
tennis ball at the same time. They will think, "what the hell does the
tennis ball have to do with the poem?" but they person might go along
with it.

(In my case they go along with it because I am their teacher and I said
to do it.)

Then they will start reciting the poem and bouncing the ball, maybe they
figure out something like" Oh, this has to do with rythm..." and they'll
start bouncing the ball in time with the verse.. just pounding the verse
out. Then I'd ask them to switch hands right away and continue. They may
start to get muddled because they can't do it as well with the other
hand. They will get frustrated and lose their sense of rythm.

At this point they start doing "good" work with the material. They are
letting something else into the work besides the desire to do it right,
the desire to do it the way theu see it in their heads, the need to
please the audience or to show off-- even if that first level of work is
to allow frustration into it.

Frustration and anger over level 3 is pretty neat. It's the first level
of the work.

  Ken Pantheists