Re: virus: Re: Women don't have a civilizing effect on society

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Sun, 15 Dec 1996 13:04:38 -0700

> From: Ken Pantheists <>

> The reason why I point this out is-- it would have been interesting to
> see the PBS show you mentioned and look at it for its central value. I
> find television science to be... television... first and foremost. It
> constructs nature in much the same way as 90210. My suspicion is that
> the documentary actually had little to do with the marital practices of
> other cultures, but everything to do with sexual harassment cases in the
> U.S.

Actually, you are right. I tend to disregard what I see on TV most of
the time also. PBS does have an excellent reputation for being "more
accurate" than commercial and most cable TV, it still, nonetheless,
is TV and TV is made to sell and not be accurate. I will look for a
better source.

BTW, the documentary was about monkey and not humans.