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Mon, 16 Dec 1996 19:32:28 -0700

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> > How can *you* tell when someone
> > is high on just marijuana? If you know of a way, then you should tell
> > the police since they haven't found any way to tell without taking a
> > person in for a drug test (and they can only do that if there has been
> > an accident and not just for routine ticket giving).

> This makes the safety of Cannabis even less. If someone is totally pissed,
> behind the wheel of a car, and he's drinving badly because of it, then
> he's probably going to get pulled over, and the police are going to know
> that he's drunk, and arrest him. No one dead.

> Now, suppose the same bloke was cained of his block, and is driving
> badly (but not dangerously - yet). He gets pulled over by the police,
> and fail to find anything wrong with him. They caution him about his
> erratic driving, and let him go. Then he kills someone!

You would have to pretend that someone smoking only pot would
drive badly -- which drivers on pot do not do. No one has ever been
high on THC while driving and killed someone because their judgement
had been "suspended". On alcholhol? Yes. On pot? No.

> Until there is a test for drugged drivers, then there is enormous risk
> in legalising/decriminalising Dope.

There has never been any risk for pot.