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Schneider John (
Tue, 17 Dec 1996 01:01:52 -0500

Ken Sartor wrote:
> On a somewhat separate subject, i am reading a book "The End
> of Science". Its main topic is that most of the basic science
> (e.g., evolution, quantum mechanics, relativity) has already
> been discovered and all that is left to do is flush it out and
> invent new gizmos. After all, once you find out the fundamental
> forces of nature, what else is left to do? Thoughts?

I read that book a while ago. I thought that, in the end,
he concluded that "The End" is actually /not/ in sight.
Of particular interest are the sorts of ideas that have
been floating around here lately: such as the unification
of quantum theory with general relativity; and artificial

- JPSchneider