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Autumn / Shatterglass (
Sat, 14 Dec 1996 18:30:06 PST

Exactly, Stephen...

Yes, there is a difference between the "Mind" as a reasoning entity and
the biological "Brain" which houses it... But that difference hardly
matters when one is discussing the necessity of dreaming. If the
biological brain requires it to maintain it's functions, dreaming is
also a requirement of the human Mind. What would adversely affect the
brain also adversely affects the mind.

Perhaps it would be better to consider Mind and Brain two parts of a
single whole rather than strictly drawing a line and calling them
separate things. In my opinion, their processes... and in the Mind's
case... very existence.. are too tightly interdependent.

Given the results of the dream depravation experiments Stephen mentioned,
I have to consider dreaming necessary for a Mind.