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Ken Pantheists (
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 15:36:22 +0000

XYZ wrote:

It is obvious John that you are a newbie not only to memes, but to
common sense reasoning and logical thinking. Look, I am here because
I find the concept of memes interesting. I've seen hundreds of
articles on it in various magazines and books. People use it to try
and explain everything from how the mind works on a neurobiological
level to the evolution of societies and cultures. Now just because I
come along call everyone's bluff and<snip>

When yousay that you are callingeveryone's bluff-- you are bluffing as
well. You are playing one of the easiest status games in the book (since
you really *like* it when people quote from books and use dictionaries
I'll give you the book--"IMPRO" by Keith Johnston-- it's a book of
theatresports and improvisation games.)

The easiest status game is to say No-- to everything.

A: The house is burning!

B: No.

A: But it is, I'm hot!

B: No, that's just you. I'm fine.

A: The drapes have burned up!

B: I never had drapes.

A: Ahh! I'm Burning!

B: That's just like you. "Me me me.. I'm Burning, I'm dying." Can't you
just get out of your own little world and take a look at the big


You also lie like a rug.

If you find memetics interesting then why do you try to convince people
to ignore it. I usually ingore things I find UNinteresting.

So why not give us the plain truth XYZ. What's up with you and memetics?

I posted the opinion the memetics is a Scientific/aesthetic theory.

Why can't you see he aesthetic applications of memetics, and the
ridiculousness of asking people to prove that it exists?

Why don't you tell us about your favourite painting. Tell us what it
means to you-- and then prove it means what it means to you.

  Ken Pantheists