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Wed, 18 Dec 1996 19:33:12 -0700

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> > One friend? I would hardly call that reliable evidence. That is
> > called generalization and stereotyping.

> Not at all. It merely demonstrates that there is at least one person
> in the world who has had accidents (although not necessarily fatal),
> due to the effect of pot. This points out that your assertion that
> road deaths have never happened due to pot is highly unlikely to be
> true. There is a good probability that if this person has had
> accidents, he's not the only one out of about 3 billion who has.

How many people have gone to a fast food restaurant, pulled out of
it after eating and had an accident? I have seen quite a few. By your
logic, that is proof that driving to and from fast food restaurants can
cause accidents...not! What makes you really think that person had
an accident because they were on pot and not some other reason?
The fact that only one person has had this problem only indicates that
it is one person's problem and not every pot smoker's problem.

> > I know that pot is not a risk. While smoking the burning leaves of
> > anything is bad for ones health, so is eating fried or smoked anything,
> > such as steak. I wouldn't call eating steak a risk, would you?

> It's got loads of cholesterol in it, which weakens your heart.

It doesn't weaken mine. I'm am not susceptable to cholesterol like
many people are.

>But it
> doesn't impare your abilities on the road for a start.

And neither does pot.

> > Doesn't anybody do anything more than
> > speculate?

> Very rarely ;)

No wonder society still lives part way in the dark ages still.

> > "A Primer of Drug Action" is easy to find and look at any bookstore
> > in America. What is so hard to verify it?

> I don't live in America.

Your country doesn't have bookstores? Or don't you want to
get out of bed and find one? Hehehe