Re: virus: Pot
Thu, 19 Dec 96 14:02:16 GMT

XYZ Wrote:

> How many people have gone to a fast food restaurant, pulled out of
> it after eating and had an accident?

That's irrelevant. That is the natural hazard of going on the road, no
matter what the location of the crash. These people have not been
affected by drugs, but people crash even when they're completely in
control of themselves.

> I have seen quite a few.

Perhaps you're jinxed :)

> By your
> logic, that is proof that driving to and from fast food restaurants can
> cause accidents...

My logic concludes no such thing. It concludes that if one person has
had a crash due to being on cannabis, then there must be others, as it
is extremely unlikely that they are a one off. You have merely reinforced my
argument by showing that there is more than one person who has crashed whilst
pulling out of a fast food resaurant.

> What makes you really think that person had
> an accident because they were on pot and not some other reason?

It's a proven fact that people drive worse on alcohol, and that impairs
the judgement and reaction time, and is the cause of many accidents.
I shall refrain from saying that pot does it in the same way, but the
general effect is similar - reduced reaction time, lower awareness to
surroundings etc...

As far as I am concerned, therefore, pot is equally dangerous as alcohol
on the roads.

> The fact that only one person has had this problem only indicates that
> it is one person's problem and not every pot smoker's problem.

Fair enough, but some people drive OK when they're pissed. That doesn't
mean that the law doesn't include them when they drink drive. IF there is
*any* possibility that the driver may cause danger on the roads
due to chemicals they've taken, then it should be illegal to drive under
the influence.

> >But it
> > doesn't impare your abilities on the road for a start.
> And neither does pot.

I'm arguing rationally (I hope :) that it does, if you intend to counter
it, then please back your argument up.

> > > Doesn't anybody do anything more than
> > > speculate?
> > Very rarely ;)
> No wonder society still lives part way in the dark ages still.

I'd put that down to religion, more, but please don't start another
religion thread 'cos I said that ;)

> > > "A Primer of Drug Action" is easy to find and look at any bookstore
> > > in America. What is so hard to verify it?
> > I don't live in America.
> Your country doesn't have bookstores?

Nah, man, we live in the dark ages, like you said ;P

>Or don't you want to
> get out of bed and find one? Hehehe

Watch it young man, I've got a 9-5 job, drinking tea and eating cakes,
I'll have you know

Richard Jones
"We are the New Breed,
We are the Future."