Re: virus: Possible Though Paranoid Theory <PiTy PiTy>
Fri, 20 Dec 96 09:33:30 GMT

Lior wrote:

> David McFadzean, David Leeper, KMO, Wade T. Smith, Richard Brodie, all
> those ceased their activity on the list.

I noticed that, but nothing more ever crossed my mind.

> At the same period, new handles such as 'XYZ Tech Support', 'Autumn' and
> new people such as Daniel M.J. Adams, CraigSimon and Dave Pape occupied
> a considerable share of all posts.

Hmmm, yes. Is there any way of knowing how long these individuals
have been on the virus mailing list? Typical protocol when joining
a mailing list tends to be to sit back and watch proceedings for a
bit, and get the feel of what the list is all about. If the
aforementioned individuals have been on the list for a little while, then
we might be able to take a more eductated guess as to whether this
is a conspiracy or not.

> Now, we may assume that some of those shifts were natural. But clearly
> some of them weren't.

This man is on the ball :)

> XYZ - You're fake.

Too right.

> Of course it's paranoid, and no one can prove he's right and the other's
> wrong.

Well .... ha-ha-ha, I have a little idea....

> But it's also a great memetic experiment - "Let's watch their
> reaction to someone who denies free will" "Let's watch their reaction to
> someone who denies memetics" "Let's watch their reaction to rudeness and
> irrationality" "Let's watch their reaction to such and such provocative
> claims, such and such requests to explain formerly agreed theories".

I'll tell you what it does, it makes us get slightly pissed off, mainly
because we're used to people accepting rational arguments, and altering
their perceptions because of it. They're challening our ideas of how
arguments should follow. Is there a way to win in this situation?
I don't know. Usually, when I come across people who are stubbon, despite
the evidence against them, I let them go back to their own little
world 'cos I don't really care what they think :)

> What do you think?

Interesting, I hadn't even considered it, but now I have, it really
seems like a serious option.

Richard Jones
"We are the New Breed,
We are the Future."