virus: Re : Remote Access to the Mailing List

Hakeeb A. Nandalal (
Fri, 20 Dec 1996 12:07:57 -0600 wrote:-

> Unless I can figure out how to log in remotely, I'm going to be off-line
> until around Jan. 14th-17th [gasp!], starting at latest tomorrow [Dec. 21].

I'm doing it. Your mail server is independent from your Internet Provider.
Go to your mail setings and put in your regular mail server info :-

Outgoing (SMTP) Server :
Incoming (POP) Server :
POP UserName : zaimoni

At connect time it'll prompt you for your password.

That's it.

BTW I left my mail untouched for 10 days and 710 messages piled up!
The weird thing is if you don't "get" ALL of them, they ALL stay
on your mail server. Try to access your mail if for no other reason
than keeping it from piling up.

Unsubscribing is an unsavory option.

Hakeeb A. Nandalal