virus: Re: possible paranoid theory

Ken Pantheists (
Fri, 20 Dec 1996 16:40:32 +0000

Lior wrote:

Now, we may assume that some of those shifts were natural. But clearly
some of them weren't.
Daniel M.J. Adams - I believe you're real!-)
XYZ - You're fake. Dave Pape - I have doubts about you too.

You Know What? I thought the same thing too!

The first couple of posts from XYZ were so out there I thought Richard
had made him up to stir up contraversy.

I almost sent a personal message to Richard asking him if he was up to

But I am pretty sure XYZ is the real thing. (whether that's good news or
bad... :)

IMHO XYZ's "devil's advocate" stance is kind of fun. I wish s/he would
be less abusive. I feel that s/he has the opinion that we are all sheep
mindlessly following a yellow brick road to meme Oz. In which case s/he
should do some research and read the archives.

If you are reading this XYZ-- We are a group of Diverse

We all contradict each other at some point, that's healthy. But when it
becomes that controlling and that attitude driven-- it obfuscates the
one or two good points that might be there.

  Ken Pantheists