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Sun, 22 Dec 1996 00:04:36 -0700

> From: Ken Pantheists <>

>>>If we boil away all the sensationalism behind the current think-
>>>ing behind memes, we will be left with a valuable nugget of facts
>>>that can be used to build up something more valuable.

> This is disheartening to me. I am not a scientist.

But you can learn to be one.

>This list has been a gift. I would never, in any "real life"
>situation sit at a discussion table with scientists and sociologists
>and political theorists. I have commended this lists openness and
>inviting character to friends. Why do we have to bend to meet your

You are implying that scientist, sociologists, political theorists
could not be as "open-minded" as you which is just conceitedness. You
aren't open-minded to memetics, you are gullible.

>I could say something like: Why don't you go out and get a degree in
>Fine Arts so you can talk to me about things *I* find valuable??

Because what other people "find" valuable isn't the same as what they
*should* find valuable.

>Memetics contains logic and science. Both are inherently memetic.

What science?

Nobody here even seems to know what science is. There does seem to be
alot of parroting of the myths of what science is though.

>Has logic completely castrated your ability to do the phasing between
>true/false that irony requires? Can you not read it?

It is ironic to call something that isn't a science, a science. That
seems simple enough for me.