Re: virus: Culture....

Wade T.Smith (
Mon, 23 Dec 96 00:09:00 -0500

>Its far, far too easy to say `this
>is not culture' and to imply that culture itself is a binary thing and
>that humanity are alone in its possession.

You have me all wrong if you think I am applying anything other than the
accepted definition of 'culture', cuz that is all I am doing.

You are punching _my_ hot button by appropriating an entirely new
definition of a word to fit your views.

Yes, the word culture _so far_ only applies to human societies. I am not
an anthropomorphic kind of fellow, so I am more than willing to accept
into the definition anything which exhibits 'culture', but I am not
willing, nor does it make my outlook in any way limited, to bring in any
loosely concatenated set of social behaviors, for whatever back-door

When it's there, I see it. Don't play Humpty-Dumpty.

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