Re: virus: Pot
Mon, 23 Dec 96 10:12:09 GMT

XYZ wrote:

> > From:
> > > But how come they never ever leave evidence?
> >
> > There is evidence. You've seen them. It's imprinted in your memory,
> > all those little neurons have set themselves firing in the correct way,
> > and it's there inside your head. That's evidence, and damn convincing
> > evidence as far as you're concerned, also.
> Wrong. Your fantasy is not a reflection of reality.

Now you're twisting words. We're (or at least, I am) merely using this
as an example to illustrate how one person can be convinced of something's
truth, without having evidence that can be shown to other people.
We're moving off the topic of pot a bit here though aren't we?

> I've still not seen any
> aleins and neither have you.

That's your opinion only. You can never know whether I've met an alien or not.

> It is just your fantasy.

My fantasies are much more interesting thank ye very much.

> > > Not even a footprint?
> > They don't weigh much, OK?
> Even mice leave footprints.

Not in dry concrete they don't!

> > Ha, I'll bet I'm younger than you.
> OK, Mr ESP. I'll take you up on that bet.
> Now, since you are so sure that you are so right,
> go ahead and tell everyone here, how old I am.

I'm not going to put a fix on your age for 3 very important reasons. They
are as follows:

1) If I told you what age I thought you were, and I were correct, you'd
lie and claim I was wrong. After all, who on this list can verify your claim?

2) I never claimed to be able to tell you how old you were, I just made a
reasonable bet that I were younger with you. I have absolutely no idea how
old you are.

3) I have, in the past, posted how old I am to this list, so there is the
chance that you know, and have already decided to pretend that you are younger
than me.

> You
> know, without having asked me, just how old I am
> so you could make the logical conclusion that your
> age is lower than mine.

By your use of language and memetics, I gather that you are fairly proficient
at language and thought. I, on the other hand, am here on this list to learn
about memetics, and keep my mind a little active, in the year /before/ I go
to university ! I therefore concluded that you have had a number of years more
than me to form conclusions with more watertight arguments than mine.

> So tell me how old I am.


> If you can't do that, then everyone will know that you are
> just a bluffer.

And you're not?

> You make things up.

I only make things up when confronted by a problem to which I have no solution.
In that case, the made up answer is more of a hypothesis, and there is a
possibility that I may be correct, or may cause another person to have another
idea, towards the solving of the problem. You, as far as I'm concerned, are
not a problem. You are something to keep my brain active, to make me
think about things from a different perspective. Mind you, I'm quite happy
in my Level 2 state, thank you very much. Do you want me to reach level 3?
Do you care what level I'm at?

> You don't know how
> to think logically.

But learning is all about how to think literally and laterally, isn't it?
That's what I'm here to do, and if you've got a problem with that, then I
suggest that you might be better off unsubscribing from this list.

> In short, you might be a dumb
> "whipper-snapper". Hehehe

So how old are you, then?

Richard Jones
"We are the New Breed,
We are the Future."