Re: virus: Possible Though Paranoid Theory <PiTy PiTy>

David McFadzean (
Mon, 23 Dec 1996 18:03:25 -0700

At 07:23 PM 19/12/96 -0800, Lior Golgher wrote:

>Of course it's paranoid, and no one can prove he's right and the other's
>wrong. But it's also a great memetic experiment - "Let's watch their
>reaction to someone who denies free will" "Let's watch their reaction to
>someone who denies memetics" "Let's watch their reaction to rudeness and
>irrationality" "Let's watch their reaction to such and such provocative
>claims, such and such requests to explain formerly agreed theories". In
>fact, I might have preformed a similar experiment if I were in their
>What do you think?

That's a great theory and not a bad piece of memetic engineering in
its own right. But I suspect the truth is more mundane: that the others,
like myself, got busy with end-of-year/pagan ritual stuff, missed a
few days of the list, and now are finding it virtually impossible to
catch up due to the traffic and the fact that posters aren't being
very careful with keeping the subject lines in sync with the discussion
topics (hint, hint).

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