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Chris Hind (
Mon, 23 Dec 1996 23:44:52 -0800

>Creativity is often more Religion than Science, or
>what is often called Right-Brain thinking, as opposed to Logical
>Left-Brain thinking.

Ahh, now you understand what I'm trying to say. I used religion as a
channel into my raw creativity so now I'm experimenting and toying around
with new methods such as wicca and other nature/gaia-related
ideas/religions such as envisioning objects in nature and then thinking
about how I could take a raw nature form and mold it into whatever living
art form I liked with genengineering and jotting down the ideas. The wicca
situation is tricky because it requires me to attempt holding contradictory
beliefs. Is there a connection between Tourette's and pattern recognition &
perception making someone with the disorder able to bring patterns out of
random objects easier? Because there are quite a few creative people with
Tourettes and it seems to go hand in hand with certain family members who
exhibit subtle versions of the disorder. When I was young I was so good at
this that I could entrance myself and make plants dance side to side in a
pot. I don't remember who it was on this list who said they were able to
naturally exhibit the traits typical of hallucinagenics through training
and concentration bringing on 'mystic' experiences. Unless they just had
high doses of LSD stored in their fat cells and went jogging. :)

>When you associate patterns more randomly, your
>creativity soars, but your credibility often goes out of check.

Must find a balance. Perhaps we need to find some way to stir up some
philosophical method to generate creativity and inject it into the
extropian principles? Any ideas Natasha?

>evil. I still wonder how much of this he may have learned directly from
>Socrates teachings.

I never thought of him acquiring ideas from socrates.

> o Creative friends do help... as do other sources of Inspiration.

Well, maybe I'll find some when I go to that Extropian dinner on Jan 1st.

"You cannot discover new oceans, unless you have the courage
to lose sight of the shore"

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