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Thu, 26 Dec 1996 12:08:29 -0700

> From: Ken Pantheists <>

> I've yet to see an argument directed at XYZ (so I'm hoping s/he
> reads this) which simply states that: memetics is a useful paradigm.
> It is a way of looking at culture "from the idea's (or meme's) point
> of view". Memetics is a language that was devised in order to help
> us more easily discuss our ideas, our own memes, when we're utiliz-
> ing this paradigm.

> But that point *has* been time and time again-- more recently in my last
> exchange discussing racism and by countless others.

> The reason it may not have stuck out is because XYZ ignores those
> statements in favour of niggling away at his/her opponent and trying to
> psychoanalyze (poorly).

> ("i'm pushing buttons aren't I? I'm getting under your skin He he he.
> I'm the meme of your worst nightmare hehehe.)

Your lack of understanding is why I choose not to accept memetics as
merely useful paradigm. You are implying here that *you* can be a meme
when it is clear that you cannot be a meme. Memes can only be
communicated and button pushing is only one way of doing that. If you
push the wrong buttons, even that method will obviously fail.

> The problem is not with our definition of memetics or how we are talking
> about it. It has to do with the fact that XYZ is not interested in
> discussing memetics or even developing on the ideas posted. S/he wants
> only to acumulate opponents- no I will not even use that word-- an
> opponent is a worthwile thing-- s/he wants whippings boys.

You lack of understanding is why I want to discues memetics as a
science, since that is what it is supposed to be. Your are not discussing
anything here: you are implying and asserting and I guess that is why
you still demonstrate your lack of understanding about memetics.