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Thu, 26 Dec 1996 13:17:22 -0700

> From: Martz <>

> nor is he interested in advancing the
> science he claims to respect so much (if it was, he would be out there
> doing it, not complaining to us that we're not).

You make the false assumption that one cannot do both (Too bad
martz isn't going to hear how stupid he is being).

> His only concern is to
> gain and hold your attention long enough to play whatever games he
> thinks he's playing.

What makes you think it is a game? Can you read my mind and
know my intentions? Wrong again martz!

> If you don't like what he's saying you don't need to call for his removal
> or censorship, just stop listening and responding.

I thought that is what you were doing all along?

> >XYZ desires a 'more scientific' understanding of memetics

> Then why isn't he out there trying to advance the body of knowledge to
> the point where it *can* be called a science instead of tilting at
> windmills.

"Out there"? Your responses to my postings are "out there" enough
already. And since when should anyone develope a non-science into
a science? Isn't that the definition of psuedo-science? Yes it is!

> I wouldn't call that laziness. We all have to prioritise what we spend
> our time and energy on, and if arguments which are obviously going
> nowhere are not at the top of your 'must do' list, so what?

What is meant by the word "nowhere"? Does nowhere mean wherever
you are at and therefore nowhere is wherever you are not? That is called
bigotry and close-mindedness. Your arguments will continue to go
nowhere unless you can come up with a better argument than that.

> >> That is why I feel I cannot judge XYZ for his/her point of view,

> Particularly as we haven't heard it yet. Or has he come out of the
> closet since last I heard.

You said you weren't listening, so how are you going to hear?

Martz fails to understand one thing: we both have the same mind...
as do all homo sapiens. This mind is by nature a very gullible and
illogical thing and has to be trained to not think that way (unfortunately).
The outside world has a pipeline to our minds and if we do not
filter what comes in through that pipeline, that pipeline will become
a sewer pipe and our minds a cesspool. I believe in memes because
I have a logical and scientific reason to do so. Martz claim that memetics
is not a science, and if it isn't scientific in any way, then it isn't analyable,
it isn't knowable, and it isn't real in any way. Science can only analyze
and know anything that is real. Therefore, martz believes in memetics
by blind-faith. He has no idea of what he really believes in because his
mind has become a cesspool of blind-faith ideas, and he only happens
to believe in memetics by pure chance and not because of he logically
thought anything out about it first.