virus: Re: XYZ
Fri, 27 Dec 96 09:34:02 GMT

XYZ wrote:

> > > Lack of evidence is proof that is was wishful thinking.
> Good point.

I'm sorry to dissapoint you *yet again* XYZ, but both the statements above
were made by you. Either you are trying to make it look like I said stuff
that I didn't, or you aren't reading your posts properly (again).

Anyway, despite the fact that I would like to continue arguing with you,
XYZ, I have decided that these posts are getting nowhere, as everything you
say is crap, and everytime I reply you just restate all the previous crap.
It's non-productive, and pointless, so I'm going to concentrate on some other
posts from now on.

Despite the fact that you are the most opinionated little bastard that I've
come across in a long while, and despite the fact that you are unnecessarily
offensive, and scathing in your posts, I have enjoyed this argument. I would
like you to know that you havn't pissed me off even slightly, 'cos getting
pissed off with someone who's just a string of ascii characters is pretty
bad. I wonder if you ever got pissed of with me. It doesn't matter I suppose,
'cos you'd never admit it even if you did - that would be a blow to your
memetic armour wouldn't it?

Before you start shouting about memetic infection by people who have said that
we should ignore your posts, I would like you to know that although they were
the deciding factor, I had already considered it before I even got to work this

Please direct your drivel elsewhere XYZ, as I am no longer listening.

Yours Finally,

Richard Jones
"We are the New Breed,
We are the Future."