virus: RE: xyz drivel To be read by all
Fri, 27 Dec 96 10:34:25 GMT

I am not going to personally say anything in this mail but i am going to
quote all the people who are against your shit. When asking for peoples
opinion on yourself I got quite a large response and after looking
through the Christmas mail I found the following:-

Matthew ???
Hasn't anyone taken the time to examine the processes of XYZ's own memetic
functions. A virus needs a host to live on and XYZ needs your respectable
and ordered e-mail list out of which to wreck havoc. Chaos doesn't just
want to be chaos, it wants to break down order into Chaos By staying in
communication with XYZ, you all are providing XYZ with host minds to
scramble up. Why are you complaining about having to read his drible
everymorning? After having read a significant amount already, I have now
stopped reading any posts back and forth between XYZ. By not putting
yourselves in contact with XYZ, your minds won't be available for him to
fuck with. If everyone did that, XYZ would go and seek out a more
hospitable climate in which to operate. Of course, he would first continue
to harass our blank wall for a long time. The real test is whether or not
all the rest of us would agree to this memetic diagnosis and strategy and
have the strength not to look at his tauntings or else we'd share the fate
of Lot's wife. It's too easy for XYZ to play the antagonizing skeptic and
for you all to become a persuavise rationalist. Take the wiser path.

Interesting point to note, XYZ. Whenever you are refered to, in
relation to the CoV, you are *never* considered one of us.

Alex Williams
Just for the record, Neil, I'd like to take my place as the first
person to officially `write off' XYZ. Probably comes from an
overabundance of heretical memes in my ecology, but there y'go. :)

Ken Pantheists
Flaps wrote:

If any else has similar ideas about what XYZ has to say can they please
let it be known to everyone else as it appears myself and Jonesr are
the only people willing to stand up against him.

I think you should be knighted by the Church of Virus.

Richard Brodie

I've been watching XYZ's memetic experiment (conscious or not) with much
enjoyment. It's no easy trick to hook some of the minds on this list! I
don't think it's so much the name-calling as the easy target XYZ is
setting himself (no chance he's not a "he"!) up as. It's just SO
tempting to win what looks to be an easy battle with an arrogant
self-righteous geek, which is how X portrays his persona. But then once
you bite, he reacts in a non-standard way, showing either Level-3
consciousness or pathological lying (I'm not sure which).

In conversation with David Pape
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Think of a thought you think is bad that you agree with

Strangling XYZ.

C.T Robinson

While I am new to the list, I couldn't resist the temptation to join in
the frey. XYZ's posts are frequent and longwinded, in my opinion, but it is
also my choice to read them.This morning I decided against it, though, and
tossed them in the shitcan. (That's BritishSpeak for "recycle bin"). By
antagonizing XYZ, you only ask for more of the same.

Eva ??????

Like others who have posted here, I object to XYZ's belligerent and
superior attitude. I am always willing to argue an interesting point with
someone who argues fairly (following a consistent line of reasoning,
acknowledging points taken, abandoning fruitless threads when necessary,
listening to my explanations and assuming that I mean to be communicating
something useful by them, and re-explaining points if I don't understand
them as intended the first time around). I do not perceive this to be
XYZ's method. Instead I have seen XYZ sprawl across my mailbox, offering
only abuse to everyone who replies with even the most polite
counterarguments and questions. In addition XYZ has given inconsistent
answers and arguments (one example: claiming not to accept the existence
of memes, claiming to accept memes but not memetics), making productive
discourse impossible because the goal keeps shifting. XYZ may be a mask
for someone else, or may be a genuine new face on the list, but I don't
see this as an important distinction. If someone purposefully tripped me,
I wouldn't care deeply whether the person was genuinely an asshole or was
merely engaging in an asshole-roleplaying exercise for the day.

All of these are true quotes from the mails over the Christmas holidays,
but after searching the mail's i still think that the best quote is one
said by XYZ himself in conversation with Drakir (wed 25 01:30).

Well, stop giving us meanlingless psychological banter then.

If anyone feels i have misquoted their views please let me know so thing
can be made right.
Everyone else who is still against XYZ in a big way: I reckon we should
make a pact to ignore XYZ so that he will slowly wither away and die.
Leaving us the hell alone.

Neil middleton
The new force in Virus (sorry to the Israeli's)