RE: virus: conscious/subconscious (form. level 0)

Schneider John (
Fri, 27 Dec 1996 06:04:07 -0500

> > OK. But where has memetics demanded the existence of phenomena
> > that do not exist? Memetics hasn't demanded much of anything as
> > of yet, which is why it is still speculation, not fantasy.
> It has demanded the existence of memes, and they haven't been
> proven to exist yet. The existence of memes is a precept and not
> a fact.

Science demands the existence of electrons, which haven't been
proven to exist. They are just theoretical entities which are
very, (very, very) useful for describing facts. Now, 'memes'
certainly have not proven to be quite as useful as 'electrons'
just yet, but they have been introduced in order to explain
facts about information and culture. They are not required
to exist; rather the concept of them is only required to be
useful, which it is.

- JPSchneider