RE: virus: Re:virtuality
Fri, 27 Dec 96 12:22:35 GMT

> Flaps asks:
> > Is there any way we can tell if the world we live in is not an
> > artificial world impregnated into our brain thinking in our real
> > body somewhere far away?
> >
> > How do we know if everything we are living through is artificial?
> I've never heard a good answer to this, ad echo your question.

Neither have I. It's interesting, becuase it seems, from what I've read
on this list, that we will never know. I'd like to know if it's
ever possible to know one way or the other.

> Descartes thought along these same lines, and concluded "Cogito
> ergo sum", but concluded nothing more than that.

Sorry, my Latin is poor, what's that mean?

> I read a book
> entitled "Labyrinths of Reason" some time ago, which also dis-
> played the above question, but offered no answer, which I assume
> indicates that there is no way of knowing that our brains are not
> just sitting in vats with lots of electrodes plugged into 'em.

Just think about it for a bit, though. It's a frightening possibility isn't

> In a Brodie-like way of thinking, though: what difference does
> it make?

very little if we remain ignorant of it. But suppose anyone ever found out
that it's true....

[see earlier post under this heading]

Richard Jones
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We are the Future."