Re: virus: The Root of All Unhappiness Lies in Yourself.

Alexander Williams (
Fri, 27 Dec 1996 14:43:38 -0500

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Schneider John wrote:
> Alex wrote:
> > Without the memes for the construction of nuclear weapons would
> > have been impossible. That doesn't keep us out of wars,
> > thankfully, but without the tool you can't execute the task.
> > Wars have been based on anything and everything.
> That is a gross generalization that I disagree with.

In the Beginning, man was ape-like and tribes warred over everything
from the best hunting areas to watering holes to the best women to `hey,
he pointed at me.' Its a good thing, too, or the strongest would have
never survived.

Now, if you object to the absence of the nuclear weapon meme removing
the threat of nuclear weapons, we have a problem ...

> Yes. Either that or become level 3 or something similar.

More of this Level-3 stuff. Why not just say what we should /become/
instead of falling back on Brodie's nomenclature? I heaitate to pay
royalty fees on my argumentation.

I think it'd be a Good Thing(tm) for /most/ people to stop thinking and
acting altogether, but then I try to figure out who'd work at Wendy's
and fix my burgers and run into a brick wall.

> Good point. What memes give rise to such fanaticism? Which memes
> might help us distinguish between perceived niceties (artwork, etc)
> and perceived evils (war), without sounding subjective. Possible?

I don't think it /is/ possible. Its not Politically Correct to say so,
but War is Good, Baby. Wars have encouraged the majority of our
technological innovations over the millinea, wars kill off the weak and
give the strong a Rite of Passage sorely needed to establish societal
roles. Wars, literally, are the proving ground of the meme.

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