virus: Re: sociological change

Ken Pantheists (
Fri, 27 Dec 1996 17:54:24 +0000

Defending an inability to communicate on different conduit-methods would
be to say that I can't write meaningfully about art or theatre and art
can't say anything meaningful about literature. That's patently untrue,
as your own education attests.

First let me say sorry for this rushed message.. I am halfway out the
door and will later post a moe well-thought out response.

My central-core-gut feeling about memetics-- and my beef with it has
been that particular viewpoint.

I still defend my position-- on the grounds that you can talk about art
and literature and everything else that is a reflection of you and your
experience. The only difference between what you can say about something
and waht an expert can say *should* only be a difference in lingo.

But You cannot communicate what it is like to be a gay man with AIDS, a
Latin American leftist geurilla, an italian catholic woman waiting for
an abortion.

You don't even read common cultural texts the same way.

i just saw an article on the way the Book of Revelations is interpreted
differently by South American Latin Catholics and affluent white
American religious groups.

So I still say--- in the case of a dog-- you are interpreting signs and
behaviour. If it is a language-- well maybe it is, I may be prepared to
accept it, but i can't see it as a valuable memetic study.

It would be like using a cellular phone as a hammer.

sorry if that sounds snobby

but that's how I feel.

  Ken Pantheists