Re: virus: Re: virtuality
Sun, 29 Dec 1996 12:56:23 -0500

<< Alex wrote:
I don't think it /is/ possible. Its not Politically Correct to say so,
but War is Good, Baby. Wars have encouraged the majority of our
technological innovations over the millinea, wars kill off the weak and
give the strong a Rite of Passage sorely needed to establish societal
roles. Wars, literally, are the proving ground of the meme. >>

A friendly meme form you local Shadow represnetative. (B5);)

Not war as much as competition. Acient China probaply was in as many war as
the european community during the last last millineum and started with a much
higher level of technology, but eventually lost the technology war to europe.
I beleive this is due to the internal competition (between states and on a
local economic level) prominent throughout europe. Competition sustains
growth (change) during time of peace, and creates the base and momentum for
growth going into wars. Such competition also permited those european
societies to better capitalize on the technologies developed during war, when
the war ends.

Ray Higgins