Re: virus: real world?

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Sun, 29 Dec 1996 12:59:52 -0700

> From: Ken Pantheists <>

> What it all boils down to is that according to physical evidence,
> reality
> depends on the observer; we can only consciously inhabit one of these
> parallel worlds at a time. This may have consequences for memetics,
> particularly if we consider that observations effect experimental
> results
> and that consciousness plays a role in reality.

> According to quantum mechanics, "Cogito ergo sum" may have a physical
> basis.
> At a certain point the question is this universe real becomes
> irrelevant:
> like an atomic particle it can be rendered real or imaginary precisely
> at
> the moment the question is posed.
> Reactions anyone?

More psuedo-science.

Heisenburg's uncertainty principle extends no further
than dimension that are on the order of Plank's constant.
At macroscopic levels, Heisenburg's uncertainty princilple
no longer applies. If there are parallel universes, they are
so small as to be unobservable.