Re: virus: Question

Alex Williams (
Sun, 29 Dec 1996 18:30:08 -0500 (EST)

> Situation -
> You're in 1996. You have this kind of device, let's call it a
> Chronoscope. This Chronoscope functions just like ordinary binoculars,
> except that through its oculars you can look some 40 years back. You've
> just happened to spot Bill Clinton of 1956.
> You know he's going to become the president of the U.S.. You happen to
> know some of his 'future' decisions.
> Question(s) -
> >From all that knowledge on 'future' Clinton, what can you deduce on 1956
> Clinton?
> Does it help you understand his decisions?
> Does it make them more pre-determined?
> Does it prevent 1956-Clinton of becoming an artist? a dentist? a beggar?
> of commiting sucide?

There are really too many unknowns to answer this question; we need to
know if this Chronoscope sees things as they really were in our lineal
history or just back in the branchings of the MWH. Whether you have a
set of earplugs attached or no. A host of things.

Assuming, however, that the device sees through linear time:

Once you grab a bio of '96 Clinton, you can judge just how big a liar
he really is by comparing his reported behaviour to his actual

ALL of his behaviours, '56 to '96 would then be pre-determined,
assuming time is linear. Would you have access to knowing about all
of them? Likely not. Would Bill Clinton be able to pre-determine the
next 40yrs of his '56 version's life? Yes.

It /prevents/ nothing, however, the '56 Clinton /will not/ deviate
from the cource he `is destined' to follow, so he's limited all the