Re: virus: Re:virtuality
Mon, 30 Dec 96 10:01:22 GMT

> Alex Williams wrote:
> Technology may `destroy' man, but what it creates will be something
> better and `more.'

At this point I'd like to add something that I've often thought about,
but never really discussed:

People often say that certain things are Unnatural (technology etc), *but*
surely if it is we humans (who are part of nature) who are committing these
"unnatural" acts, then it is not truly unnatural. It is in our very nature
to better ourselves no matter what the cost (agreed?), and so surely if
man destroys himself by technology, it is nature taking it's course.
It does not matter what I do, none of it can be classed as unnatural, because
it may be in my "nature" to do so.

Does anyone out there believe that nature fights back when populations
become too large for the planet? AIDS?

> (Can you tell I'm rabidly anti-Luddite?)

I can now :)

> To sum up in my own inimitable way: `Even if the world is virtual, if I
> drop a rock on my foot it hurts like a motherfucker.'

But it doesn't damage you in any way.

Richard Jones "We are the New Breed We are the Future."