Re: virus: real world?
Mon, 30 Dec 96 15:06:00 GMT

Flaps (And I bet you're all wondering why that's his nickname:) wrote:

> Ken Pantheists Wrote:
> I have been asked to forward this message from an anonymous poster.
> **********************Is the world real?
> After reading this and thinking about it for a few minutes I reckon that this
> world is not definitely real but there must be a real world somewhere far
> away (maybe in the Wizard of OZ) for everything else to be based on. Without
> a base on which to exist nothing can exist (This includes such borderline
> items such as thoughts and dreams).

I see what you're getting at. Existance would be like Software without
the hardware to run it if there weren't a base. This would mean that in
essence, the universe would exist as an idea and possibility only, while
nothing definate ever happens.

Since I am sure that I exist /somewhere/ there must be a platform upon which
my life programme is being run. Who knows what it is though. As I believe
Stephen said, though, in the long run it doesn't really matter memetically,
and IMO, unless we are sure that this is the case, it will not have an impact
(Yes, I have thought carefully about the memetic implications from the virtuality
thread, and realised that Stephen is right about that, but I still hold my
original idea of the impact when/if we ever know for sure).

Question: If the above is the case, what platform does the "real" world
run on?

It's very well using the analogy of a computer running software, but this
computer is run by the people in this universe. So where does this universe
exist? There must, by the same logic, be a base for our Universe, also.

> P.S. Does anyone know any really good tips about how to get completely smashed
> on New Years Eve?

Yeah, man, Come talk to Billy with me :)

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