Re: virus: Re:knighthood
Tue, 31 Dec 96 09:29:53 GMT

David Mcfadzean wrote

>At 04:16 PM 30/12/96 GMT, wrote:
>What happened to the Knighthood I was recommended for as I have not yet
>received anything through the post :)

>Is there any precedent for a church giving out a knighthood? So far
>we've illuminated a single saint (St. Darwin, of course) but you're
>not eligible for sainthood until you're dead.

I am dead already. Have you noticed in the last week the number of mails I have sent out have dramatically decreased? This is because on Sunday I was run over by a large cattle truck in the busy suburbs of Gatwick and all the mail now being sent is being done so by my closest freinds as it was one of my last requests before bang,crunch, squish. All of my mails are now written like this except for this one which blatantly obviously comes from the grave.

Flaps (the late)
Neil Middleton
The dead force in virus.