Re: virus: Real World?
Tue, 31 Dec 96 09:59:36 GMT

Alex Williams wrote:

> wrote:
> > Excellent. Now all I need is a way to bring them all into the same Universe,
> > and I can take over the world .....
> >
> > ha ha ha ha .....
> In an infinite number of the parallel universi under the MWH, if its at
> all possible that you have taken over the world, you have. Be at ease.

Here's a little theory that one of my friends invented whilst extremely drunk:

If the probability of any event occurring at any time and at any point in
space is 1/oo (where oo = infinity), and given that time is /probably/ infinite,
irrespective of the state of the universe, then there are an infinite number of
instances at which an event can occur. Hence, the probability of any event
happening in the Universe, or one before it, or one after it, is denoted as:
1/oo * oo = 1/1 Therefore, the event must occur.

Hey, maybe I'll rule the Universe too :)

Richard Jones "We are the New Breed We are the Future."