virus: Re: sociological change

Ken Pantheists (
Tue, 31 Dec 1996 05:03:27 +0000

Me and Alex:
> Memetic versions of *your* experience are being taught to you. If you
> are black, if you are gay, if you are latino, if you are...white and
> live in beverly hills... the list goes on.

Actually, memetic versions of your experience are spawned
automagically in your mind, your memesphere, as a direct result of
having those experiences. You couldn't think about your experiences
without having the memes in place to make reference to.

I should qualify by calling it something like "mythic experience" or
"reflected experience".

What I meant was information that tells you about you, your history,
your way of behaving, but has never actually been experienced by you.

I'm talking about texts that inform you to behave a certain way because
you indirectly take ownership of the experience (Get infected by the
meme basically)

The Cuban kids you dress act and talk like L.A. gang youth even though
they have never been to L.A and don't even know how to say "fer sure".

The popularization and colonization of gay fashion-- disco in the
seventies, anrogyny in the eighties, doc martens and black and whites in
the nineties.

The fad of the sexy nerd (myth? oxymoron?) ;)

My point being-- memes enter your head and change your perspective on
your experience.

  Ken Pantheists 

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