Re: virus: Real World?

Alexander Williams (
Tue, 31 Dec 1996 14:11:47 -0500 wrote:
> It's easier to envisage though, isn't it? The MWH just doesn't seem to
> work. Where do these other universes exist?

They exist along an infinitely branching dimension orthogonal to the
ones we're built to perceive. For example:

Let's say this is the linear universe of our experience:


All of our perceived dimensions, length, breadth, width, time, rolled up
into a one-dimensional line. Now, we introduce a quantum split in which
two possible states occur; let's say in one the cat's alive and in the
other, dead:

/ \
/ \

The dimension that runs left-right on our diagram is that in which the
MWH places the infinite tree branching of quantum events.

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