Re: virus: Re: virtuality

Alex Williams (
Wed, 1 Jan 1997 14:32:36 -0500 (EST)

> Long story short--
> What the behaviourists in 1972 called "homosexuality" had to do with a
> box of horny rats, it is about as culturally significant to what is
> termed a "gay lifestyle" as prison sex.

Absolutely true and I assumed anyone that went to dig up the research
would come across all or most of the ideas you enumerated in coming up
to date. The focus of the example, in my intent, was the `violence'
section rather than homosexuality. On the other tentacle, it /does/
make sense that in higher population densities the percentage of
homosexuals attributable to genetic prediliction will increase. I
don't think a study of this nature has been done, in part because the
specific genes involved haven't been found. We should also probably
see an increase in homosexuality from all causes, and this we /do/
see, whether from migration or native occurance is almost moot: the
fact that they /are/ homosexuals significantly decreases the liklihood
that they'll be responsible for the further growth of the population
beyond themselves.

An interesting topic, especially when you consider the memetic
implications seperately from the genetic.