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Alexander Williams (
Thu, 02 Jan 1997 14:15:30 -0500 wrote:
> Isn't it an irrevokable right of Americans to own and bear firearms (with a
> liscence of course)?

"Irrevokable right" and American government are two entities only on
noding acquaintances with one another. When, as a prank, someone in
Congress read the first few paragraphs of the Bill of Rights, trying to
get them accepted as law, they were voted down. This a section of the
Constitution of the US Congressmen swear to uphold when they take
office. Maybe they should read it first so they'd recognize what's in

> Have you seen "Deliverance"?

Ayup. I never squeal like a pig.

> You can put that on the company medical insurance too :)

Absolutely; DEC's good about that.

> You're evil >;)

Of course I am. :)

> If someone tried to hack their way out of prison, without caring whether
> they died or not, and assuming that the world is "real", then once they're
> dead that's it. That's a fucking big detterrant for most people, although
> not all, I concede :) If you know that you can come back again once you're
> dead, it doesn't matter to a desperate man, does it?

That assumes that your personality's not just a part of the game that
goes with your `role.' Once you're dead you might not /care/ about the
things you did when you were in that role and restart with different

(Extra points: Differentiate your above virtual psychotic from someone
that believes in reincarnation.)

> > It involved a couple of company contractors from
> > `beyond reality' sabotaging the game-machine with a `chaos generator'
> > that kept escalating the level of nasty things going on in the world.
> As in the virtual world?


> What's the book called, and who's it by?

Now /that/ I don't know; you might want to ask on rec.arts.written.sf.

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