Re: virus: Real World?
Fri, 3 Jan 97 10:55:18 GMT

Alex Williams wrote:

> Drakir:
> > Yeah, I understand that, but what I mean is where does the universe on the
> > right exist, without intruding on the universe on the left. If they
> > inhabit entirely different points of space /outside/ our own universe,
> > then I can see that it could exist, but then there would be the problem
> > of moving this "new" universe through massive ammounts of space in an
> > infintesimal space of time (excuse the phrasing :). Therefore the only
> > other option is for the new universe to co-exist within the same space
> > as the old universe. If all dimensions interact (like space-time for example)
> > then surely there would be no way to separate matter from our dimension and
> > matter from another.
> Yes, entirely different points of space outside our (linear) universe.
> You /don't/ move anything when it splits off, of course, they simply
> spring, fully formed into being.

Surely, though, there has to be the transmission of *all* the information in
the Universe from where it was originally to the this new universe, up to
the point at which the quantum event that caused this split occurred. This
would require time (see: a lot of... ;), and mean that the new universe would
be a number of millenia behind our own on linear time.

> At every branching this parallel
> universe (or these universi) come into being like branches splitting
> off of a twig. Don't think of it as an analog process, like
> macrocosmically observable phenomena, its a discrete phenomena.

How is it decided whereabouts outside our universe the new one is to form?
I'm imagnining our universe as being like a balloon, and the "nothingness"
outside it as being a /very/ large hall, or somesuch. Do other universes
(according to this theory) just appear as such a model, or are they maybe
put back to back, each changing shape to accommodate the other. And if this
is the case, can there be travel between universes? If not, why not?

I realise the questions above are really really difficult to answer, but
I thought I'd ask anyhow :)

> NOT all dimensions interact.

I am only aware of 4 !!! I know there are theories about there being as
many as 30+ dimensions. Does anyone know what they are?

> For example, it takes significant energy
> for me to broach my transportation in our fourth dimention, time; even
> then, I can only affect it by compressing the relative passage of my
> time and another reference frame's.

But do you as an individual put energy into time travel? We all travel through
time, just in one direction and at a [subjective idea] constant speed. As far as
I'm aware, you have no choice but to travel through time.

> The dimention in which MWH
> universi split is simply defined as being non-interactive.

I'll take your word on that :)

> > There are other problems I can see with the MWH that seem to break standard
> > theories on matter and energy. Niether matter nor energy may be created or
> > destroyed. Therefore why should another you suddenly begin to exist due to
> > a quantum event (I'm still fuzzy on what that is defined as, can anyone fill
> > me in?)?
> A quantum event occurs at any time a quantum wave collapses into a
> state. Yes, there are a lot of quantum events.

Presumably they happen at a minute level, and thus there are millions/billions
ocurring avery second, throughout the universe.

> Actually, energy /can/ be borrowed from the sub-quantum `froth'
> according to the latest theories.

OOh, that's new, tell me more ....

> The shorter the amount of time its
> borrowed, the more you can have.

I suppose that could make sense :)

> Theoretically, energy could come
> into being in almost any amount purely randomly ... but its
> hyper-rare.

I heard a theory (and I think I posted this once before) that matter and
energy spontaneously ocurr when the only thing present is absolute

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