Re: virus: Re:virtuality
Fri, 3 Jan 97 14:14:17 GMT

Alex Williams wrote:

> wrote:
> > Isn't it an irrevokable right of Americans to own and bear firearms (with a
> > liscence of course)?
> "Irrevokable right" and American government are two entities only on
> noding acquaintances with one another.

Hehe, that's a very cynical attitude :) Isn't America supposed to be the
"land of the Free"?

> When, as a prank, someone in
> Congress read the first few paragraphs of the Bill of Rights, trying to
> get them accepted as law, they were voted down.

That's utterlay outrageous !!! Proves a lot about politicians doesn't it?
I don't know what the reaction was like where you are, but if that happened
here, there'd be every form of civil liberties group having a field day :)

> This a section of the
> Constitution of the US Congressmen swear to uphold when they take
> office. Maybe they should read it first so they'd recognize what's in
> it.

I'm not even American, or ever lived there, and I've still read /most/ of the
US Bill of Rights, although I must admit that I couldn't recite it to you.

> > Have you seen "Deliverance"?
> Ayup. I never squeal like a pig.

That is a pity ;)

> > You can put that on the company medical insurance too :)
> Absolutely; DEC's good about that.

I'm on PPP myself.

> > You're evil >;)
> Of course I am. :)

I like you already >;)

> > If someone tried to hack their way out of prison, without caring whether
> > they died or not, and assuming that the world is "real", then once they're
> > dead that's it. That's a fucking big detterrant for most people, although
> > not all, I concede :) If you know that you can come back again once you're
> > dead, it doesn't matter to a desperate man, does it?
> That assumes that your personality's not just a part of the game that
> goes with your `role.'

That is a possibility. Could it, do you think, be done so that a person's
personality is erased, and a new one implanted for the purposes of a game?
I don't think so, 'cos surely the object of a game is to test the "real"
you in different environments. Interesting concept. Maybe we're all in a
prison block at the moment, and we're having psychotherapy, trying to change
our persona, to fit in with the society from which we came.

Maybe I'm a mass murderer. You definately are :)

> (Extra points: Differentiate your above virtual psychotic from someone
> that believes in reincarnation.)

Most of the people who believe in reincarnation, as part of their religion,
tend to be fairly peace orientated, as one group (and I think it's Bhuddism,
but I'm ot sure), believe that you come back as an animal, so you have to
be nice to animals. Others believe that if you're bad in life, you get demoted,
so to speak, to a lower level of humanity, but if you better yourself then
you get promoted. The probelm is that if you are so bad, you become an
"untouchable", or something, and you can never escape from that situation.

I have thought about re-incarnation, and figured it would be nice if it were
true. It all comes down to this thing we call a "soul", IMO. If your soul
really is a spiritual thing, then it *must* live on after the body dies.
I'm not sure I believe that, but I can't prove it. If, on the other hand,
the soul is just a lucky combination of chemicals, which form a thing called
your soul. Is it synonymous with consciousness? I don't know.

Richard Jones "We are the New Breed We are the Future."