Re: virus: Re:virtuality

Alex Williams (
Fri, 3 Jan 1997 10:19:12 -0500 (EST)

Do note that the >> quoted material is from, I believe, me, and the
>>> from Drakir.

> The ideosphere is the realm where memes live, by analogy with biosphere.
> I guess this is a slightly difference sense than what you are describing
> because it is not localized to any individuals.

The ideosphere would be the set of all currently extant memes in every
memesphere; note that since I don't believe that memes can exist
outside memespheres, this is just the sum set of all memespheres for
me, but for those that believe memes coded within books, art etc the
ideosphere also contains those works.

> Possible, but it would require outside intervention to "upload" them
> into, say, a real robot.

... because their existance is rooted in the virtual world and they
have no contact with the laws of the physical world outside. Drakir
had in mind people as puppet-agents of outside forces rather than as
virtual constructs, but I mentioned it in the discussion of his best
friend perhaps being a bad special effect he'd `kill' by turning off
the simulation.

> Again, possible, with outside intervention (deus cut'n'paste) or if
> the world was created with conduits to other worlds (like Tom Ray's
> proposed distributed Tierra system).

A very cool idea, I encourage all Virians to get into it.