Re: virus: Re:virtuality
Fri, 3 Jan 97 16:42:03 GMT

Alex Willimas wrote:

> Do note that the >> quoted material is from, I believe, me, and the
> >>> from Drakir.

Erm, I'm really confused. None of the stuff that you included was from me
(Drakir) it was from David McF I believe.

> > The ideosphere is the realm where memes live, by analogy with biosphere.
> > I guess this is a slightly difference sense than what you are describing
> > because it is not localized to any individuals.
> The ideosphere would be the set of all currently extant memes in every
> memesphere; note that since I don't believe that memes can exist
> outside memespheres, this is just the sum set of all memespheres for
> me, but for those that believe memes coded within books, art etc the
> ideosphere also contains those works.
> > Possible, but it would require outside intervention to "upload" them
> > into, say, a real robot.
> ... because their existance is rooted in the virtual world and they
> have no contact with the laws of the physical world outside. Drakir
> had in mind people as puppet-agents of outside forces rather than as
> virtual constructs, but I mentioned it in the discussion of his best
> friend perhaps being a bad special effect he'd `kill' by turning off
> the simulation.

It's quite an interesting idea, and I believe this is where we've been
slipping up. I was saying that if we are in a real world, plugged into
a virtual world, then existed in such a state from such a young age, and
for such a lenght of time, then discovered it was false, the memespheres
of most individuals would be damaged.

I accept that if we *ourselves* are entirely virtual (what a waste :) then
finding out that we were created by technology, then there would be very
little difference to memespheres, because it is *our* world, and we must
make the best of it. It would be little different to the idea of "God" as
a creator anyhow, wouldn't it?

> > Again, possible, with outside intervention (deus cut'n'paste) or if
> > the world was created with conduits to other worlds (like Tom Ray's
> > proposed distributed Tierra system).
> A very cool idea, I encourage all Virians to get into it.

What is it? Can it be found on the net?

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