Re: virus: Re:virtuality

Alex Williams (
Mon, 6 Jan 1997 11:27:42 -0500 (EST)

> > Why would they need to erase my mind so I can play a different
> > persona?
> Not just /play/ another personna, because as soon as the game finishes, you
> return to your original [twisted] self. The idea I'm suggesting is that
> you could be permanently altered to fit society's view of the 'ideal'
> citizen.

Then its no longer a game, but a prison, I'd think. If I'm
`permenantly' altered, you're talking about my personality outside the
framework of the Illusion (if I can go all Gnostic on you). If we're
soley talking about effects /within/ the Illusion, then if I choose to
accept those personality traits, we needn't insist they be /actual/.

> > I play different
> > characters with highly diverse personalities all the time. If our
> > reality is just a big role-playing game for some higher cosmic
> > entities, if I die as a mass-murdering fiend today, I might be back
> > (after I write up a new sheet) as a pious priest tomorrow.
> Now that would be scary ;)

You should see my Kult/Over the Edge crossover game if you think
that's scary. :)

> Exactly. He doesn't believe that he has anything to loose by dying, whilst
> most religions that support reincarnation have this clause which makes it
> impossible for the true believer to behave badly on the assumption that
> death is irrelevant. I've outlined the ideas above.

Of course, if your virtual psychotic founds a religion that spreads
his ideas and attitudes, suddenly you've got the entire religious
structure piggybacking on the idea.