Re: virus: Real World?

John P. Schneider (
Mon, 06 Jan 1997 14:32:46 -0600

Drakir wrote:
> Here's a little theory that one of my friends invented whilst
> extremely drunk:
> If the probability of any event occurring at any time and at any
> point in space is 1/oo (where oo = infinity), and given that time
> is /probably/ infinite, irrespective of the state of the universe,
> then there are an infinite number of instances at which an event
> can occur. Hence, the probability of any event happening in the
> Universe, or one before it, or one after it, is denoted as:
> 1/oo * oo = 1/1 Therefore, the event must occur.

But 1/oo * oo = 'undefined', not 1.

- jps