Re: virus: <Semi>-Natural Selection of Methuselah
Sun, 12 Jan 1997 21:44:28 -0600 (CST)

On Sat, 21 Dec 1996, Lior Golgher wrote:

> Kenneth Boyd wrote:
> [CLIP]
> That's why I count all money paid towards Social Security as totally
> wasted. [Frankly, I don't expect the institution to survive unless the
> retirement age is boosted to say, 100 years. That would reset the
> survival rate to retirement to the design intentions, back in the
> 1930's.]
> ----
> Listen to this:
> =IF=>We raised retirement age to let's say 80 years
> =then=> Only those with a life expectancy bigger than 80 would recieve
> their well-earned pension and spend the rest of their lives peacefully
> =then=> They would have more leisure to spend taking care of their
> grand-children
> =then=> The burden of taking care of their grand-children would be
> smaller to their children
> =then=> Their children would be capable of having more offsprings and\or
> spend more time on their career and\or paying more attention to their
> offsprings.
> =then=> Those offsprings (the 80+'s grandchildren) would obtain a
> dominant evolutionary position.
> =then=> Possible genetic causes for long life expectancy would obtain a
> dominant position
> =then=> Average life expectancy would pass the 80
> =then=> We'd raise retirement age to 90.
> and so on.
> =IF=> Unemployed 80+s require extensive supervision of their children
> =then=> Their children would be more busy taking care of them
> =then=> Their children would have less resources to spend on their own
> offsprings
> =then=> Those offsprings would obtain an inferior evolutionary position
> =then=> Forget it.
> How about that?
> Lior.

Gender asymmetry strikes!

[ASSUMING vaguely conventional family and legal structures]
It would take some effort [multi-generation natural selection or genetic
engineering] to boost menopause to 70 years of age [I'm sticking with my
100 cutoff quote], thus enabling children to require support for women
of that age.

There is no such limitation for men in the first place.

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/ Kenneth Boyd