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>[fiction writer run amok]
>David Kanner: "Is there anything about this case that seems obvious to
>you, but that the media have overlooked?"
>Tharlis Elgalvo: "Yes. I've heard several labels for the terrorists
>responsible for the destruction of the HealthySweet warehouses. I
>haven't heard any ethical labels. 'Anti-war' is particularly
>appropriate. I know this would not hold in a human court, but play along
>with me for a moment."
>D. Kanner: "That's absurd." [pause] "Wait a minute. You're an
>Iskandran Badger, not a human. How would this scenario work in Iskandran
>T. Elgalvo: [Brushes his right eyestripe with his left hand.] "It
>wouldn't exist. The manufacturing process uses a species-specific nerve
>poison. The Resourcearchists wouldn't tolerate such an incompetent
>process, no matter how cheap it was. The Genetarchists are even
>worse--attacking their charges isn't a good idea. If the
>Resourcearchists' cutting utilities doesn't work, there's always some
>Genetarchist or Sciarchist branch who'd jump at the chance to test
>experimental weapons in the field."
>D. Kanner: "Let me get this straight. This manufacturing process is
>illegal in Iskandran space."
>T. Elgalvo: "No. There's no rules or laws against it."
>D. Kanner: "WHAT?"
>T. Elgalvo: [sighs] [starts talking calmly] "Look, it's very simple. The
>reactions I mentioned are devoted towards the interests of the above
>Archies. The Resourcearchists survive by providing basic services, and the
>Genetarchists survive by apply eugenics to Iskandrans. *Both* of these
>are antagonized by practicing chemical warfare on the general public!"
>[Tharlis' fur is now flared. He is very relaxed.]
>What form of government did I describe, above?

Hmmmmm. As most of this conjures up only very vague images to me (that's
me saying 'I don't understand') I can't really answer. That last
paragraph sounds very much like self-government to me though. Anarcho-
capitalism maybe?


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