Re: virus: Re: Virus: Sociological Change
Wed, 15 Jan 97 10:07:42 GMT

Kenneth Boyd wrote:

> I'm not aware of an instance of this "state of nature",

Essentiall, today, there is none. The closest you'll probably get is something
like the Indiginous people's of places such as South America. Even so, they
have their own form of society. It's kind of a theoretical thing used by
political theorists to describe the state of man at his absolute beginnings
as a species.

> so it's useless
> operationally.

Yup, but people like Rousseau threaten a return to the state of nature if
there are any violations of their theory model.

> Except to demonstrate its extreme instability, which
> excludes it as a governmental form--such as anarchy, or anarchic-style
> government.